Pricing structure

Upgrading to Package B

Virtual race?

Why Balloons Burst?

Getting Paid?

Popped Balloon?

Is The Race Gambling?

Real Balloons Are Bad

Pricing structure

The Rentaballoonrace.com race system is highly complex and it costs the company many thousands to set up a complete race. So to make it affordable we have devised a simple low set-up, commission based pricing model with just two packages, A or B.

Package AThis package is designed for the smaller charity, school or church.

A set-up contribution fee of just GBP495 / USD900 / EUR700 / AUSD850.

(possibly subject to slight alteration in volatile currency markets).

VAT at 20% is payable by UK clients only.

20% commission is paid on the total value of balloon sales.

Bank and Paypal charges incurred from Internet sales are deducted from the final revenue total. (see below).

Package BThis package is designed for larger charities and corporates.

A set-up contribution fee of GBP1595 / USD2495 / EUR1900 / AUSD2750.

VAT at 20% is payable by UK clients only.

10% commission is paid on the total value of balloon sales.

Bank and Paypal charges incurred from Internet sales are deducted from the final revenue total.

About bank and Paypal chargesBank charges are paid by the client and deducted directly from balloon revenues.

Credit cards are currently around 2.4%+20p or 27p for a £3 balloon purchase.

Paypal is more expensive at 3.4% +20p equal to around 31p.

Why Is my invoice due immediately?If you make a wooden chair, you can sell it to anyone. So if a buyer changes his mind, there is a physical product that can be sold to someone else. Web development is very different, however. Your race website, email adverts for example are relevant to your organisation and your organisation alone. They cannot be sold to anyone else and are totally bespoke to you. And clearly, once we have started designing and programming for you, there is no turning back the clock.

Upgrade to Pk B

Number ofBalloons Sold at £3 Package A Revenues
less 20% commission
Package B Revenues
less 10% commission
500 705 -245
1000 1905 1105
2000 4305 3805
3850 8303 8800
10000 23505 25405


Number of Balloons Sold at £5 Package A Revenues
less 20% commission
Package B Revenues
less 10% commission
500 1505 655
1000 3505 2905
2000 7505 7405
2310 8305 8800
10000 39505 43405

Virtual race?

A Rentaballoonrace.com race is unique because everything is real except the balloon. Real weather data, real geo positions.

Using real weather from around 10,000 meteorological stations spanning the globe, including both polar ice caps, our patent pending mathematical algorithms simulate as close as humanly possible to reality, what flight path your virtual balloon takes.

And because your balloon is virtual (computer generated), you can, unlike real latex balloons, both decorate and change the parameters of your balloon as many times as you like prior to launch.

With so many design and selection options, a virtual balloon race is a hugely entertaining Internet-based system that can raise a lot of money for your chosen charity or organisation. Importantly, as the balloons only exist in a “virtual world”, they are 100% environmentally friendly and will not endanger any birds or other wildlife.

To raise maximum funds you and your co-organisers need to sell as many balloons as possible to supporters, friends, family and colleagues. These people will buy balloons to help your cause and hopefully win a nice prize too. There is no limit on balloon sales so race as many balloons as you want.

Typically, the whole race process takes around 8-10 weeks from signing the contract to race launch. Try to acquire some great prizes that will motivate people to buy as many balloons as possible. We recommend a 6 week selling period followed by a 7 day race. Once the race has finished there is a 14 day post-race period which should be enough time to communicate with everyone who took part and announce the winner.

Each race needs a start city such as London or Paris, but it can be the South Pole if you really want, or your organisations headquarters address. The choice is entirely yours.

Massive Functionality

Rentaballoonrace.com is the world’s only 100% eco-friendly virtual balloon race based on real time, real weather data. Our patent was lodged late 2013 by our lawyers in Virginia. This sophisticated system has many amazing features and functions:-

  • Balloons can launch from anywhere in the world – even the South Pole
  • Uses real-time, real weather algorithms
  • Easily change flight aerodynamics (parameters) of balloon – shape, amount of helium, thickness of latex
  • Not gambling, so no gambling licence is required and appeals to all religions
  • Prizes and selling price chosen by race organisers
  • A fun decorator functionality – upload logos, a picture of your pet dog
  • Follow your balloon globally in real time on Google Maps and Satellite Imagery
  • Major educational and learning components
  • SHINE, a major UK Spina Bifida charity raises £1m per annum from our software


Major educational and marketing benefits beyond money

  • In addition to the vital funds raised, there are many extra benefits to running a virtual balloon race. Firstly, there is a strong appeal to the younger, Internet generations, so this is a unique opportunity to introduce them to your charity or organisation. Rentaballoonrace also perfectly interacts with all the social media platforms, especially Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.
  • Secondly, all race entrants will provide new database contacts, hopefully lifelong, to aggregate to your existing email lists. Electronic communications are a fraction of paper based.
  • Thirdly, the system has major educational aspects such as being able to teach young people about archaeology as their balloon flies over burial mounds or more straight forward human settlements or industry.
  • Rentaballonrace is global and multi- lingual when appropriate
  • Finally, it sends out a real and positive message of technological progress and innovation from your organisation.

Why Balloons Burst?

Real balloons made of latex rubber are notoriously vulnerable. So if you chose thin rubber to make your balloon fly higher and therefore faster, your balloon could burst if the wind speeds become excessive. High altitudes also increase the risk of bursting from excess swelling through intense sunlight or orbital debris.

Conversely, balloons flying at lower levels are often struck by geese flying at higher altitudes than normal birds. And if your balloon is at a really low level and heading for rocky Earth, it could even strike an electricity pylon or church spire.

Similarly, adding the maximum quantity of helium and selecting the fastest shape could also cause your balloon to burst in windy or really turbulent conditions.

So to create a potential winning balloon, it definitely pays to check the prevailing weather patterns before your race starts and chose your balloon parameters accordingly.

All that said, many balloon purchasers do nothing and just decorate their balloon with their favourite colours, design or picture. It’s important to note that, on purchase, all balloons are given randomised variables (helium content and rubber thickness) so that they are not thousands flying all the same.

Getting Paid?

Regulatory rules and laws regarding credit card payments for online products have changed quite a lot over recent years. From being very much skewed in favour of the retailer, the consumer is now very much in the driving seat.

There is shortly to be a new 14 day cooling off period for any tangible product purchased over the Internet. This is twice as long as previous.

As your balloon is a virtual one, this period should not apply. However, some purchasers may still change their mind and try and reverse the purchase. As such, Purepages needs to guard against charge-backs for its race clients as they are administratively messy. To this end, we would not pay any monies over until 14 days after the race ended just in case any chargebacks come through the system that we are unaware of.

Popped Balloon?

The health status of each balloon is calculated as a percentage every 15 minutes. And whether your balloon wins the race is dependent on several factors, some of which can be influenced by yourself, some of which are purely weather based as discussed in Section 4 above.

If your balloon’s health deteriorates below zero per cent, it will burst or pop i.e. stops racing. If your balloon happens to be in the lead, you may still win, because your chasers may pop too.

The position of your popped balloon will always remain visible on your dashboard irrespective of whether other, still racing balloons, pass your position.

Is it gambling?

Definitions of Gambling and Chance

Gambling is defined by Dictionary.com as the activity or practice of playing at a game of chance for money or other stakes. Chance is defined as an event where there is no predictability of outcome or ability to control it in any way.

Therefore betting money on the result of a professional game of football or horserace is classed as gambling as the outcome is uncertain, and you, the gambler, cannot influence or change the football players or lawfully manipulate the race horse.

Similarly, a lottery is gambling as the prize winners are chosen at random and winning is just pure luck or chance.

In contrast, the virtual balloon race is a game of skill where you, the balloon purchaser, can personally alter the helium content, thickness of rubber and balloon shape in order to gain advantage. This is after studying the prevailing weather patterns to decide what parameters to choose to maximise performance under those conditions.

Real Balloons Are Bad

Companies that manage and organise real latex balloon races completely miss the point when trying to justify why real latex balloons are environmentally acceptable.

They say, for example, “The acceptable way to run a balloon race is to only release items that are biodegradable. All of our balloon race kits contain these items. Our balloons are made from latex which is a natural product which will break down at the same rate as an oak leaf….Our balloon race tickets are made of thick paper and DO NOT involve string or the use of plastic valves when attaching to the balloons.”

What they say is possibly true – latex balloon fragments can biodegrade at the same speed as an oak leaf when contaminated with soil, but that statement is misleading. The full question is really ‘how long does it take the balloon fragment or oak leaf to fully disintegrate and what happens if it falls on grass pastures, not a ploughed field’, the answer being years not six weeks.

However, the biodegradability of the balloon fragments is not the primary issue at all. The real issue is that birds, animals and sea creatures such as turtles try to eat the balloon fragments because they are brightly coloured.

Similarly, those balloons that do not burst i.e. just lose helium but remain intact, also kill when being attempted for eating by birds and animals. When a bird pecks at one of these deflated balloons, the rubber envelops the bird’s beak and asphyxiates it.

The companies are also disingenuous when it comes to how many balloons come back to Earth intact. It’s far more than they would have you believe. They don’t all get to five miles (8km) altitude and burst into bits. There is lots of empirical evidence to suggest that most balloons don’t get above 2000 feet (600m) altitude because of wind and turbulence. So far more come down semi deflated than actually burst into bits as suggested.