Gaining New "Warm" Supporters

One of the many pluses of the system is the database of purchasers passed over to your organisation at race end. Plainly balloon purchasers are supporters too, so the electronic database is worth its weight in gold. The greater the electronic numbers means reduced ongoing costs associated with newsletters and other informational communications.

Eco Friendly Fundraising

A virtual balloon race from is a balloon race with a difference - there are no balloons! Well there are but they're all virtual. The reason we don't use real balloons is because they are not environmentally safe and kill animals and birds when they try to eat them. So our virtual balloon races are totally opposite - they are absolutely 100% eco-friendly and a fun way for your good cause to raise money!

Amazing Race Features

Our virtual balloon race system has some really cool features. Want to decorate your balloon? Check. Want to upload a picture of your Granny? Check. You can also alter the amount of helium in your balloon and alter the thickness of the rubber. You can track your virtual balloon on Google maps at anytime during the race.

You Can Raise Lots Of Money

You sure can. Cheshire Scouts ran their virtual balloon race in December 2014 and nearly 9000 balloons were sold. SHINE, a major UK charity dedicated to spina bifida, have been using our virtual balloon race technology since 2011 and have raised over £3 million so far.

Major Teaching Aids

screen shot of balloon race over modal villageTeachers, especially those in primary schools, are always looking for innovative ways to educate their pupils. And highly topical visual material is generally seen as a significant teaching aid to catch attention and put across a difficult idea or concept. And that’s because the old adage, ‘one picture equals a thousand words’, still rings true. race offers major educational outputs for pupils and students, especially teaching real aspects of environmental management, geography, navigation / map reading, geology, meteorology and IT. Lesson plans can be written around the race to highlight a huge range of topics including real-time monitoring of a volcanic eruption, for example Colbuco in Chile; meanders and ox-bow lakes of the River Severn, UK; Nodal villages of the French Alps; IT skills for young children. Oundle School, the famous British public school is integrating their virtual race to coincide with their Science Week during

Ten Main Channels To Market

  1. Internal sales through your personalised and branded race website
  2. Social Media, primarily Twitter, Facebook
  3. Balloon Cards
  4. Retail Outlets - yours and others if appropriate
  5. Pop-up stalls at events
  6. Email advert with embedded video / PdF to your database with significant potential for global virality
  7. Schools - many kids have sold over 30 balloons each
  8. Corporate - massive opportunities on three levels
  9. Personal selling / word of mouth
  10. TV, newspapers, radio and other traditional media